WWF RAW: January 27, 1997

  • Crush vs. Ahmed Johnson
  • The British Bulldog vs. Doug Furnas
  • The Godwinns vs. Mankind & Vader

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Editors’ Comments / Rating

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C. K. Punk: Another so-so night of RAW. Still milking the story line for the four-way between Undertaker, Vader, Brett Hart, and Stone Cold. Other than this and a rivalry brewing between Ahmed Jonson and the N.O.D., there wasn’t too much going on, story wise.

As usual, the acting and showmanship of Shawn Michaels and Brett Hart is on point. They really sell the WWF story.

Some thoughts:

  • This was apparently before the “TV-14” era as the king said: “Here’s a guy that’s going to come out here and open a big can of whoop A……” and then caught himself as Vince stopped him
  • They are still advertising for Shotgun Saturday night riding on when Marlena dropped her top a month ago. Shotgun Saturday Night was a more adult oriented show at the time.

My rating:

Acting: 3
Commentating: 3
Match Excitement: 2
Production Quality: 2
Story: 3


My Rating:

Acting: ?
Commentating: ?
Match Excitement: ?
Production Quality: ?
Story: ?

Match Excitement
Production Quality

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